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Atreyu Alcantar (known online as DaRegularSauce, also known as Sauce, Sauc, Saucebear, or Saucbear) is an Mexican-American cosplayer best known for his FNaF cosplays, but he has occasionally done cosplays outside of FNaF, such as Team Fortress 2 and Sonic.


Alcantar started his cosplays with the Luigi cosplay when he was 9[1], but started his official cosplay career in 2017 when he made Freddy Fazbear from FNaF 1 and then its wither counterpart from FNaF 2 in 2018. He jumped to the Springtrap cosplay, where the masks and the suit for the character was more and more refined and realistic over the course of 3 years until 2020, when he decided to make the Glitchtrap suit. His most recent cosplays are Glamrock Freddy and Gregory (somewhat) in 2022.

Glamrock Freddy[]

When making Glamrock Freddy, it was all 3D-printed and it took him 7 months to make the suit. After that, he moved to Las Vegas to host an event at Meadows Mall. The cosplay was his greatest success in his cosplay career, amassing over 1 million views in that video and a total of 49.7 million views on videos related to his Glamrock Freddy cosplay.

As a result, he got to officially collaborate with FNaF by appearing in a YooTooz ad selling Glamrock Plushies and selling the figures from the Fanverse. His other collaboration was with a series of other famous people such as CG5 and Abdul Cisse. He was later featured in a song called "Glamorous".

After Glamrock Freddy[]

After a few of his appearances as Glamrock Freddy, Alcantar was working on a new Freddy head with more advanced robotics and a feature where Freddy's nose is a button that when pressed, it sounds just like the "boop" sound effect when clicking on a plushie in some of the FNaF games, although progress in his projects have been slowing down.

He is also going to meet up with Raija Hansen as Montgomery Gator for a cosplay collaboration at the LVL Expo during February 17th—19th, 2023, but as there are travel and hotel expenses, a GoFundMe has been set up at a goal of $5,000 and the it was successful, just meeting 100% of the goal.[2] Despite planning on going on stage with Hansen and Baker, he was never informed of what they were doing while collaborating with Kellen Goff on the other side of the con. A lack of communication ensued between him and the other two, and it resulted in him being mentally exhausted and not wanting to be in the rest of the con.

On April 5, 2023, he got hired to work as a Creature Designer and Fabricator in Steel Wool Studios.


  • His FNaFsona is a mixture of Freddy Fazbear and Jenny Wakeman.
  • He was living in Texas for most of his career until he decided to go to Las Vegas, Nevada for college, as stated in his 300K QNA and Giveaway video.[3]
    • Nevertheless, even though he moved there, he didn't enroll in college until sometime in December 2022, when he confirmed that he will be in college next year, and that he'll be at that area all the time.[4]
    • It's unknown where he specifically went to college, but according to the Steel Wool Studios Employee Database on LinkedIn, he does not attend the College of South Nevada, though another member named Travis O'Connor does.
  • When he was in comic-con in late 2018, he had went on stage as twisted freddy as the girl with him was supposed to be "mike" with a freddy mask and the announcer on stage as Deadpool that brought him up said that he worked on his twisted freddy costume as a 15 years old and did it all by himself with no help at all but still finished it perfectly.


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